Authors who have published a paper in a Signal Processing Journal within the last year may submit their published journal paper and present it at the conference, in order to discuss and advance the research and find additional collaborative opportunities. 

Authors of journal papers will receive an acceptance letter, and upon registration will receive an invoice and invitation letter to apply for internal funding and/or travel visa to attend and present the paper. Where possible, journal papers presented at the conference will be included in the conference proceedings provided to conference attendees, by downloading the original paper from IEEE Xplore® to include on conference proceedings for attendees. Journal papers will not be included in the conference proceedings. 

Eligibility requirements are outlined below: 

  1. Paper must have been published or accepted for publication within the 12-month period preceding the conference paper notification of acceptance date; 
  2. Paper topic should be aligned with the conference’s technical program, and authors should select relevant EDICS from the conference’s list;
  3. Authors of accepted journal papers must meet the same registration requirements as all authors, including the total number of papers that can be covered by a single registration. 

Journal Presentation Request Submissions will be accepted until 2 May 2024.

Submit a Journal Presentation Request.